Tata Nano Covered in Pop Art Imagery Finds a Place at Indian Art Summit

The cutesy Nano got a little extra peppier when Singapore-based Suman Aggarwal’s Indigo Blue Art and Ms. Ketna Patel, a Singapore based renowned artist, decided to present their pop art imagery through the people’s car. The Nano art work will be displayed at the Indian Art Summit, which will be held from January 20 to 23, 2011 at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

The art imagery created by Ms. Ketna Patel has been pasted on the Tata Nano is Mosaic style by SICIS, the world leader in Mosaics. To recapture the atmosphere and energy of the Indian streets, the Tata Nano has been designed with pop coloured mosaics of SICIS’s Murano Collection in a dose of psychedelia.

Much similar to the method employed by the artisans of the Byzantine period, SICIS has brought the mosaic artwork on the Tata Nano at its factory in Italy. Creating the artwork on the Nano took almost 4 months and has helped the car to be converted into a symbolic ‘Jewel for the masses’.

Indigo Blue Art exhibition named ‘Stop, Indians ahead’ aims to enrich dialogue between one of today’s Indian Diaspora artist amidst a flourishing contemporary art scene in India.

“A marriage of art and utility, Ketna’s idea is to encourage the viewer to make an appraisal of received ideas filtered down to us through our media saturated conditioning and rampant consumer culture,” Aggarwal said.


Ketna Patel has tried to capture the changing nature of the heritage and culture of the streets. The artist has tried to record images of various street hawkers, road signs and even people on the Tata Nano. But you might ask: Why Tata Nano and not some other car? So here is the answer: Ketna chose Tata Nano because the small car has become a metaphor for a rapidly changing India.

The Indian Art summit is the largest annual art fair in India and is currently in its third year. The fair will attract more than 200 artists whose artwork will be on display. Along with the art fair, you can also see a sculpture park, video lounge, curated art projects, life performances, elaborate speaker forums, an art store and a range of exciting collateral events. Some of the most popular works presented at the gala include the likes of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst and Anish Kapoor along with seminal works by Indian modern artists like Subodh Gupta and Bharti Kher, among others.

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