The 2011 Delhi Grand Prix – Fears Attached

Delhi F1 Race Track
We see how many Formula One drivers are eyeing this year’s Formula One championship title. Meanwhile, we have the organisers next year’s Delhi Grand Prix in a tight spot. Wonder what the confusion is about? There are many things they need to worry about, but right now, they are finding it difficult to finalize what amount would be feasible for the tickets. The organizers will definitely watch the forthcoming October Commonwealth Games. That would be good enough to gauge the local interest in global sporting events.

The Formula One brand certainly is exclusive. But, the Jaypee Group which is building the track more than 32 km from the city centre firmly believes that the range of tickets will catch the attention of all income groups, is that so? Delhi’s drivers know it all. They know all about car races, and in fact, the whole city bears resemblance to a rally track that would challenge any Formula One driver’s true skills.

Right now the organisers promise 25,000 tickets for general release at around £20. That would roughly sum up to around Rs. 1450. They are also confident that the remaining 150,000 spectators could be charged higher amounts equivalent to the high-end IPL levels.

In recent times, developing nations have increasingly started looking at hosting major sporting events; an approach aimed at showcasing their competitiveness in organizing the events. Plenty of times, we also hear about one or the other of these nations being behind schedule. Most of the time, the truth however, still remains that things are completed on time. It’s now time for Delhi to start planning and worrying.

Delhi has been thinking big. It has a capacity of around 175,000 spectators. The main grandstand that holds 29,000 is second only to China’s Grand Prix track. The organizers must be eagerly waiting for the monsoons to get over. The track cannot be laid until then. Once this year’s rains are over, tenders will go out to tar the surface. But, don’t you think the rains should worry the planners more than the ticket prices? The race is scheduled for October 2011 and not just after this year’s monsoons.


It was way back in 1997 that the idea of organizing a race in Kolkata was thought of. It was then a matter of debate. But in 2003, Hyderabad signed a seven-year pre-arranged deal to hold it there. Mumbai then became alert and obstructed Hyderabad’s plans by proposing another bid the following year.

Finally in 2009, after months of negotiations with the Indian Olympic Association, Delhi was announced as the venue. Right now, though there are a lot many hurdles to jump over before reaching the end, it certainly looks like everything will work out well. It looks like it will be a successful event employing 10,000 people and bringing in over £120 Million (approximately Rs. 871 Crore) for the city.

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