The Grand Bugatti Veyron Finds Owners in India

There’s fresh and expensive news today. The supercar of supercars is in India. We are talking about the super-powerful Bugatti Veyron which has almost 1000 bhp under the hood. Yes folks, it’s now official that the much-awaited supercar is here. The sole distributor of Bentley and Lamborghini cars in India, Exclusive Motors, once again gets the exclusive rights for distributing the Bugatti. Bugatti’s official web site lists Exclusive Motors, called as Official Bugatti partner of New Delhi as its representative.

Our friends at BS Motoring report that the car has already been delivered a few weeks ago to a real estate tycoon in Mumbai. Unfortunately, neither anyone from Exclusive Motors nor proprietors or spokespersons from VW Group India commented on the issue when contacted. That realtor must be a supercar fanatic in the true sense, and, filthy rich and famous too. Never imagined that craze for exclusive and fast cars can drive a person so crazy that he actually goes and buys such a costly model!


Thanks to BS Motoring for carrying out the investigation, we have more news. The web site has reported that that orders for three of these Bugatti supercars have been placed. So, one has been delivered and two more will reach the owners by end of this year. Oh sorry, it’s not ‘owners’, it’s just one owner. A business tycoon in southern India has placed an order for two Bugatti Veyrons.

Till the other day, owning a Mercedes Maybach was considered most prestigious, but not anymore. The new car is priced somewhere around Rs 16 and 17.5 Crore, depending on trim and local taxes. The Maybach was priced in the region of Rs 5.5 to 6 Crore. So, the Veyron now becomes India’s most expensive car on sale. Bugatti, whose hypercar is available in left-hand drive only has managed to convince the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to make an exception for the Veyron, paving the way for other left-hand drive only supercars to make their way into India.


Bugatti’s facilites in Molsheim, France carve the Bugatti Veyron and what interests us more is that just 300 units of the car will be built. 250 out of 300 have already been delivered. Powered by an 8-litre 16-cylinder engine, the Veyron stirs up 989 bhp and can run from 0-100 kmph in just 2.5 seconds. Just imagine! The top speed has been measured at 407 kmph. This speed makes the Bugatti Veyron one of the fastest production hypercars on the planet.

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