Nissan Micra Ads in Full Swing

Oh God! The world is spinning so fast, or, is everybody moving real fast? We do not know about the rest of the world, but Nissan is certainly racing ahead of the rest. The little one from the car maker’s stable has just made it to the showrooms.

The bookings began just the other day and Nissan has already received 400 confirmed bookings for the newcomer. Nissan will start selling the Micra by mid of next month. After this news, we heard that the Saawariya lad would endorse Nissan India’s new products? Ranbir Kapoor will be the company’s new brand ambassador. Will be the new brand ambassador? What are you saying? Two ads are already ready!

Ranbir Kapoor has been spotted in two TV commercials for the Micra. The two ads highlight two of the Micra’s unique features. Copycats! That was Volkswagen’s trick for the Polo. Volkswagen had a series of ads featuring the Polo’s unique features, one per ad. Nissan is doing it now. Well, we don’t care if they beg, borrow or steal. As long as the ads are interesting + informative, it does not bother us. Nissan is doing a great job.

One ad has Ranbir Kapoor starting the Micra with just the push of a button. The traditional approach would be, starting the vehicle with a key. No key has been featured in this ad, just a push button start. The message; with the Micra, drive simpler and live better. A second ad features Ranbir holding the key fob in his hand and trying to show off a bit in front of his friends. Next he opens the Micra’s door with just the push of a button. Amazing!

The Micra has this one-of-its-kind I-Key. It is the intelligent key system helping in push button ignition and has the special request switch. With the intelligent key fob in your pocket, you can start the engine with the push of a button and lock or unlock the doors just by touching the request switch on the door handle. You needn’t be too worried about the safety of your new car.

Nissan is well aware that car theft is the breeding business in town. For an added measure of security, the engine immobilizer prevents anyone without the key from starting the car. This feature has been brought out nicely in the ads. The Nissan Micra is a great car with a whole lot of advanced features. So, we expect a few more fascinating ads, Nissan.

Volkswagen really thought out of the box for its fuel-economy ad. The Nissan Micra isn’t far behind. The car can offer a mileage of 18.06 kmpl which is pretty impressive. Let’s wait and watch if Nissan highlights this feature in its ads, and if it does, how well it is going to be projected. But, as of now, great job Nissan! Great job Ranbir! Keep up the good work.

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