BMW Withdraws from Formula One

New Jaguar XKR Cars in IndiaThis comes as a shocker for many Formula One fans. BMW has announced that it is withdrawing from world’s most viewed motorsports event Formula One racing! … BMW becomes the second team after Honda withdrew its candidature by end of 2008.

Well, BMW says that it is withdrawing from the racing event to restructure its motorsports activities. While the company claims that it wants to dedicate more resources to develop new racing technologies, but critics beg to differ.

BMW has been involved with Formula Once racing since 1980’s. It was an engine supplier to Brabham and helped clinch eight Formula One victories and one world title. Following the 1986 win, BMW exited from the F1 motorsports events till 2000. They again got back as the engine suppliers to Williams team which secured 10 victories over five years. BMW became an official Formula One entrant in 2006 after acquiring the Swiss Sauber team.

However, the current decision is hailed as a Landmark decision by BMW which has had three successful years, previously. BMW has struggled enormously in all events held this year. The team also lost its Credit Suisse sponsorship owning to the global economic meltdown. The company faced a huge credit crunch and BMW was unable to find a suitable replacement sponsorer for its F1 motorsports venture.

The decision has rendered a big blow to the Formula One event organisers. They fear that more teams will pull out form the event in the coming days. The FIA, the sports governing body has rushed into damage control mode. It is considering asking the main five constructer teams to sign an agreement to agree to continue to race till 2012. If this gets through the drive with which Formula One races are held will be diluted significantly.

Further Formula one’s involvement goes beyond mere racing in F1 events. It has been one of the manufacturer to run the Formula BMW junior championship. Leading racer Sebastian Vettel was found in this event. There are many other contributions of BMW towards FI.

The Formula One racing has become poorer by the exit of another car manufacturer.

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Hyundai ix35 to replace Hyundai Tucson

New Jaguar XKR Cars in IndiaThe butch Hyundai Tucson is not going strong any more. So the Korean car maker is considering swapping it with its newest production. Hyundai ix35. The Hyundai ix35 is all set to step into the shoes of the mighty Tucson.

The new Hyundai ix35 is bigger, muscular and bears a sharper-looking facade and comes with a sumptuous interior cabin as part of a move up market. Hyundai has seen the potential in the new Hyundai ix35 to fare as a good substitute for their Tucson.

The Hyundai ix35 will make its first public appearance in the upcoming Frankfurt Fair in September. This crossover will be initially rolled out in Korea and other countries are likely to welcome this car in a year. The Hyundai iX35 will be pitched as an urban car, rather than an outdoor 4×4. The will be manufactured at the Hyundai/Kia’s Slovakia plant.

This newbie is based on an i50-derived platform promises better dynamics and refinement. The Hyundai ix35 will be available in petrol and diesel and will be powered by a 2.0L engine. This engine will churn out a remarkable horsepower of 175 bhp and is expected to generate an impressive 149 g/km CO2 emission.

Although a seven-seater arrangement is normal for Spot Utility Vehicle (SUV), the new Hyundai ix35 will only come in a comfortable five seats capacity.

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Ferrari gets Schumi Back in F1

New Jaguar XKR Cars in IndiaJust when everybody thought that Ferrari had lost the race even before racing, after its ace driver Felipe Massa incurred serious injury, the Italian car manufacturer has done the unbelievable.

Ferrari has announced that former F1 driver Michael Schumacher will replace Massa for the forthcoming Grand Prix. The upcoming racing event is the European Grand Prix to be held on August 23rd in Spain. Schumacher will be racing in all the motorsports events for Ferrari till the Brazilian is fit to race.

By bringing back the legendary Michael Schumacher, Ferrari has raised the level of enthusiasm for the upcoming sports event. Schumacher had retired from Formula One racing in later part of 2006. He is considered the greatest ever driver motorsports has witnessed. He is the only Formula One driver to have won the Formula One World Driver’s championship seven times. Currently, he is functioning as the advisor and temporary driver for Ferrari.

For the upcoming racing event, Schumacher will undergo a special training programme over the next few weeks before he is confirmed fit for the event. Schumi, if deemed fit, will be the oldest driver in the F1 drivers line up with 40 of his birthdays past him and will be gunning for glory in his next F1 outing.

By this announcement the 2009 European Grand Prix has become one of the most important event of the year. Many F1 enthusiasts who were worried about Ferrari’s poor performance in the recent races, were shocked when Felipe Massa suffered a grievous injury during the qualifying race at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

European Grand Prix promises to be the best of the season with Michael Schumacher filling in for Massa. Fans of Formula One will have a literal treat to watch out for.

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The Ford Fiesta SXI Comes With a New Look

New Jaguar XKR Cars in IndiaThe new Ford Fiesta SXI redefines sophistication and luxury in the mid-size sedan segment. The car will be available in the showrooms for potential customers from 3rd August.

The new Fiesta SXI is spruced up with brilliant crystal barrel headlamps and graceful grilles. The new ford sedan is draped in chrome and silver. The roomy interior in grain beige leather and mahogany wood-finished center console with brushed aluminum finish on the gear knob, vents and steering wheel imparts a sense of serenity.

And for that better sound of music for the ears, the interior carries a 2 DIN MP3 player with Aux-in capability which adds live to the driving experience.
The new Fiesta SXI has been introduced to appeal to the young, suave and style-oriented professionals who want their cars to reflect their individual personality, signifying success, confidence and accomplishments.

The new Fiesta SXI comes with an advanced 1.6 Duratec (petrol) and 1.4 Duratorq (common-rail, turbo diesel) engines. Both engines have low fuel consumption and delivers remarkable performance.

Apart from its style and sophisticated comfort, the new Ford Fiesta SXI lays emphasis on safety. Safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with EBD, airbags for the driver and front passenger, collapsible steering column and fuel cut-off inertia switch in case of a crash are incorporated into the face lifted Fiesta SXI. The mid-sized sedan is also secured with central locking and PATS (Passive Anti-Theft system) to keep prowlers at bay.

It has been revealed by the company that the Ford Fiesta SXI comes with a 2 year / 1, 00,000 kilometers warranty and an option to purchase ‘Extended Warranty’ that covers the car against all electrical and mechanical failures for an additional period. Along with the new Scheduled Service Plan (SSP), first in the country Roadside Assistance (RSA) and other Ford Service initiatives, add on to make owning a Ford Fiesta a delightful experience.

The Ford Fiesta SXI is attached to a price tag that comes between Rs. 6.99 Lakh to and Rs. 7.99 Lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

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2010 New Toyota Camry to be launched on July 31

New Jaguar XKR Cars in IndiaToyota Kirloskar Motors will launch the face-lifted new 2010 Toyota Camry with an athletic new frame in New Delhi. The 2010 New Toyota Camry flaunts dynamism and intelligence with the combination of athletic styling and modern design.

The 2010 New Toyota Camry comes with a wide array of new features and design. The new sedan gets a major overhaul on the exterior with fascinating front grille, well-formed front bumper and an enlarged lower air intake for better air flow.

The new Camry will display dazzling headlamps and revamped tail lamps that command attention. The High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps ensure better and whiter light for front visibility while they appear to be blueish-white to oncoming cars. The car also equipped with sun-roof. The 2010 Camry will run on 16-inch 10-spoke steel wheels with full wheel covers.

The luxury sedan comes with a 2.4L in-line 4 cylinder DOHC engine that can deliver a power output of 165 bhp. The New 2010 Toyota Camry comes with two transmissions such as a quick shifting 6-speed manual transmission and a slick 6-speed automatic transmission. The car receives a well-tuned McPherson Struts suspension on the front wheels and Dual Link suspension on the rear wheels that provides a smooth and joyous ride.

This luxury sedan boasts a generous, comfortable and luxurious interior. The cabin sports stylish fabric seat covers and cool door trim with integrated armrests with dual front and rear map pockets.

Some of the exciting features included in the 2010 New Toyota Camry are an audio system equipped with a new USB port for auxiliary music sources, Bluetooth(R), integrated satellite radio, single-CD, and MP3 and Bluetooth(R) streaming music capability.

Moreover, Vehicle Stability Control with traction control and auto up/down power windows will come as a standard features for all the models of the new 2010 Camry.

The 2010 Toyota Camry will come in new two impressive shades, Beige Mica Metallic and Dark Green Metallic.

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KB-Series Engine Crosses 1 lakh Mark

New KB-Series Engine in IndiaIt seems the new KB series engine has been a hit with the car buyers worldwide. Maruti Suzuki claims that nearly one lakh KB series engine powered cars were sold in just 10 months! Phew!

The company’s Gurgaon plant has produced one lakh KB series engines that are installed in Maruti’s new cars the A star and Ritz. The KB series engines are one of the most fuel efficient engines ever produced by Suzuki Motors Corporation. The production of this new engine started only in October but it has achieved a feat which few Maruti cars can hope to achieve.

It is available in two different types – 1.0 litre engine that is installed in Maruti Suzuki A-star and the 1.2 litre engine that is installed in Maruti Suzuki Ritz. Due to these engines A-star is able to deliver a fuel economy of 19.6 km/l and the Maruti Suzuki Ritz gives 17.7 km/l in the city. The company officials were surprised and overwhelmed by the response to the new engine. KB series powertrains are only one of the two Suzuki engines manufactured in India.

Encouraged by this response, Maruti Suzuki now plans to install the same engine in the entire range of its small cars. However, there are no details about the next car that will receive this engine. But whichever car receives it, the company can rest assured that the sales will soar high.

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Ferrari Comes Up With F458 Italia

New Ferrari 458 Italia CarsThe world’s favourite sports car manufacturer, Ferrari, has revealed yet another super car from their stable, The Ferrari 458 Italia. It is the replacement to the world renowned F430. The new Ferrari is clearly influenced by the Mille Chili concept car.

The name of the new Ferrari is actually inspired by its powerplant- the 4.5 litre V8 petrol engines, which Ferrari claims has the highest output for any normally aspirated car engine. The high revving powertrain puts 562bhp at 9000 rpm and 540 Nm of torque by 6,000 rpm. Whoa! It is the first of the mid-engined Ferrari car.

To top it all it comes with a 7-speed F1 transmission. Double whoa! These guys in Ferrari can just get better and better. No? These features qualify the new cars as the highest revving Ferrari ever made. The 458 Italia will be ferociously faster than its predecessors as Ferrari says that it can sprint from 0-100 km/h in under 3.4 seconds and can zoom to top speed of 200 km/h in the same time. Now this one does command a standing ovation.

The car will also feature a new suspension system. The twin wishbones at the front and a multi-link set up at the rear, coupled with E-Diff and F1-trac traction control system which improves the car’s cornering longitudinal acceleration by 32 percent compared to the previous Ferrari’s.

The 458 Italia’s frame has used the superb ideas from Scuderia tuners and Mille Chili concept car. The new car has been given a more advanced bonding technique than 430 and the manufacturing process has been in line with the aero industry. The development of the new car has been a deviation from the earlier process.

Along with engineers and car designers, Ferrari has used inputs from star Formula 1 motorsports driver Michael Schumacher. Heard that?

The car is expected to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show scheduled to be held in September 2009. The details of the prices are not revealed but auto industry watchers speculate that it could be around Rs 1.18 Crore ( £ 150,000). Surely it is more expensive than the good old Ferrari F430. Applause for that anyone?
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Green Tyres To Embrace Cars In Future

In a recent study on tyres, it has been found out that tyre that uses trees as its raw materials for its production can perform better to save on fuel and energy and cost less. So it is apprehended that in future, almost all the car tyres will be made from trees: one of the first basic changes to come around in a long time.

Researchers at Oregon State University in US found the potential of microcrystalline cellulose to partially replace silica as reinforcing filler in the manufacture of rubber tyres. Microcrystalline cellulose is a product that can be derived from almost any type of plant fibers.

The study also suggested that this approach can decrease the energy required to produce a tyre, reduce costs and better resist heat buildup. A product of this kind will have comparable traction on cold or wet pavement, be just as strong, and provide even higher fuel efficiency than traditional tyres in hot weather.

Cellulose fiber has been used for some time as reinforcement in some types of rubber and automotive parts and accessories such as belts, hoses and insulation; but never in tyres, where the preferred fillers are carbon black and silica. Carbon black, however, is made from increasingly expensive oil, and the processing of silica is energy-intensive. Both products are very dense and reduce the fuel efficiency of a car.

In this study, the researchers replaced up to about 12 per scent of the silica used in conventional tyre manufacture. This decreased the amount of energy needed to compound the rubber composite, improved the heat resistance of the product and retained tensile strength.

More research is needed to confirm the long-term durability of tyres made with partial replacement of silica.

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CNG Cars Becomes a Viable Option

With car buyers becoming aware of the environmental impact, the carmakers are manufacturing new cars that run on natural gas and electricity. However, many buyers on a budget are discouraged by the price tags associated with these automobiles. But, cars that run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) come with a minimal raise in price compared to their conventional counterparts.

Of late cars running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) are gaining popularity in India. It has been found out that the number of CNG-driven car has risen to 43% in Delhi. It has been revealed that 3,700 cars continue to be added every month to the fleet running on the bio-fuel. A survey was carried out by the city’s sole CNG supplier, Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL). It has found that there are 175,313 private CNG cars against 122,485 of the last year for the month of March.

The survey, conducted in the April-May period, sees the number of private vehicles running on CNG exceeding 2.5 Lakh by the time Delhi hosts the Commonwealth Games in October next year. The survey found that over 91% of private CNG cars are registered in Delhi, while 5% are registered in UP and around 4% in Haryana. Total 297,154 vehicles of all categories at present run on CNG.

The sudden rush for CNG among private car owners can be attributed to reduction in price of CNG kits, introduction of CNG variants by leading carmakers, acceptability of CNG as a safe fuel by the masses. CNG is 66% cheaper than petrol and 36% than diesel.

With its acceptability in almost all segments of transport, CNG has established itself as a people’s fuel. The survey also inferred that conversion has not been limited to small cars, it has been happening in luxury cars too.

The CNG fleet of Delhi and National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) comprises 12,918 buses, 5,780 Rough Terrain Vehicles (RTV), 9,343 taxis, 93,400 three-wheelers, 175,313 private cars and 400 vehicles classified as others.

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Reasons for Jaguar XF Being the Special Cat

New Jaguar XF Cars in IndiaJaguar XF is one of the most stylish Jaguars to have launched in India. It is the first of new generation Jags built to kill. Rarely does anyone come across such a refined and majestic car which holds you spellbound yet coxes you to go beyond your limits.

Of course there are the Italian cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini and Germany’s Porsches and American sports cars, and then there is Jaguar which is completely different.

The first thing that strikes you is its brilliant styling, the clean lines, and athletic appeal which feels like it is indeed a leaping cat. The styling is coupled with some excellent equipment like the xenon headlights with adaptive lighting which offer high visibility in the dark. The sleek tail lamps suggest its performance oriented approach. It looks opulent from every corner.

But it is in the interiors of the car that the real indulgence is offered. The feather touch buttons and switches is enough to activate interior features. A mock wood garnish on the dash with bronze embellishments looks refined. The cool blue lighting that surrounds the driver at nightfall feels special and soothing. It creates an extraordinary ambience for the passengers.

The driver’s seat is padded and bolstered well. The seating comes with ventilation! The rear seats are complete with ergonomics that comes with incline functions. The interior has gadgets like multimedia screen, GPS, and six disc CD player.

Jaguar XF basically is s driver’s delight. A driver can select from the three drive modes to get the desired performance. It can be as quick as a feline in the chaotic Indian traffic. Its quick reflexes and brilliant steering response is a delight in a luxury car of its class. It can zip-zap through the traffic as motorcycles, small cars and rickshaws cross your path. Even though it is a front wheel drive, the rear wheels offer excellent traction.

Others Jags like the new Jaguar XJ and the XKR convertible and XKR coupe are also there. But experts agree that the Jaguar XF is very special. It has all the qualities that truly makes it worth its name – Jaguar.

As such it is priced above its rivals Mercedes E class, Audi A6 and others. It comes with prices starting from Rs 62 lakh, which only a few can afford. The XF’s exclusivity will be the reason for its buy for the people who like to be a class apart. It is a buy nobody will regret.

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