Resale Value for Used Maruti sees Doom!

I recently went to inquire about the sale price of my seven year old Maruti 800. To my surprise I found that the 800 had lost nearly 30 to 40 percent of its value, post the launch of the Nano. The used car dealer said that he could not offer me more because they did not expect a market for 800’s after the launch of this tiny cheap car in Diwali. I was left baffled.

I always thought that the 800 will continue to fetch a good resale value. It never occurred to me that a tiny car could throw a spanner in my plans without even having hit the roads. I would advise that those who are looking to sell their old 800’s and Wagon R’s should do so now. Otherwise it could go for a few thousands like the Fiat Padmini’s and Premier’s of the 90’s.

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5 thoughts on “Resale Value for Used Maruti sees Doom!

  1. It is not only Marut's resale value that has come down, but the value of all used cars hace drastically come down.The one and only reason for this Nano.It is the common thought, when you can get a nbrand new car for one lakh, then why to go for a second-hand car by paying more.

  2. I thinks this is a temporary phase, Maruti 800 has a special category of buyers who will not for nano level cars, even if it offer more space. Only the positioning has changed form an entry level car to the next level. I believe there is no reason for fear.

  3. Thanks to Nano,which came as boon for me because it turned my dream of owning Maruti 800 into reality. A few months back, price of 2002 and 2004 model Maruti 800 was around 1.10 lakh in used car market, so I had to drop my plan to buy it. A two weeks ago, I got a call from auto consultant saying prices of Maruti 800 got slashed after Nano's introduction.I visited used car market and bought a second hand 2002 model Maruti-800 merely for Rs 75000. It may be bad news for Maruti 800 owners but really good news for those who are waiting to buy second hand Maruti cars at affordable cost.

  4. I am owning Maruti 800 for the past 8 years, but very recently planned to sell it because I wanted to buy a new Alto. When I read this news I was deeply upset. Also, I approached an auto consultant to sell it hoping to get good profit, but it again made me too disappointed as my car has been rated to only Rs 45000. So I dropped the plan of selling it and decided to retain it with me.

  5. well I really agree with you all, but this is just temporary, i just refurbished my maruti 800 1987 model by spending rs 20000.00 ,converting type two model to type three , and now my family uses the car and by looks the new maruti 800 is nothing better than my car ! Be a little practical because One lac cannot get you every thing !